GitHub Comments for your GitHub Pages


With ghpages-ghcomments, your Jekyll site can use GitHub to provide reader comments.

Set up is quick, and everything has been automated to hook into your git workflow.


It’s good for your readers

  1. Your readers’ web habits are not tracked by services like Disqus.
  2. Your readers have full control over their comments – they can edit and delete them.
  3. Page presentation is still Jekyll-fast from lean built-in and cached JavaScript – no jQuery or other “frameworks”.
  4. Customize the look and feel with a small collection of CSS classes.

It’s good for you

  1. You don’t need your own dedicated server to host a Discourse instance.
  2. Comment threads are automatically created with every git push to your site.
  3. Set up takes 5 minutes and the rest is triggered – set and forget.
  4. Aggregate all of your sites’ comments together in one place – a GitHub repository.

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